Xia Xia Hermit Crab: Trinidad


Technical Details

  • Welcome to a place where everyday is Carnival with Xia-XiaTM (pronounced Sha-Sha); new colorful, collectible hermit crabs. From a distant island, these crazy crustaceans live to dance and play because everyday is a celebration with Xia-Xia! Start the parade by pressing Xia-Xia's claw and watch it do its wacky walk. Four loveable characters, each with their own little friend, compose your Xia-Xia crew and collect them all!

Product Description

Trinidad the Xia-Xia crab is ready for some Caribbean fun. Every day is carnival day for the Xia-Xia Pets, crazy crustations from the makers of Zhu Zhu hamsters. Give Trinidad's claw a squeeze to start him scuttling around with his wacky walk. Open up his shell to reveal a little friend, then swap his shell with other Xia-Xia crabs, or fit an entirely different one! (other shells sold seperately). Trinidad needs two LR44 batteries to get scuttling, which are included. Check out our full range of Xia-Xia Pets crabs and habitats .  


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Condition New