Xia Xia Confetti Cottage


Product Description

Xia-Xia™ (pronounced Sha-Sha); love to hang out in their own special Confetti Cottage, an adorable home for Xia-Xia, the Confetti Cottage even doubles as a carrying case, so kids can take Xia-Xia with them on the go!Living a life of love, laughs, and friends where the Carnival never ends, Xia-Xia need one more thing to be complete: a friendship that is true with Xia-Xia and you! All Xia-Xia hermit crabs, playsets, and accessories are sold separately. For ages 4 years and over.

Product Description

There's lots of room for your Xia-Xia Pets to chill out in the the Confetti Cottage playset. When they're not out partying, the Xia-Xia crabs love hanging out in the Confetti Cottage, which has plenty of space for all your crabs and even a fold-out balcony. The cottage also doubles as a carrying case so you can take your Xia-Xia pets wherever you go. Join up the Confetti Cottage with other Xia-Xia playsets to create a crazy crab city. The Xia-Xia crabs and shells are sold seperately, check out our full range of Xia-Xia Pets .


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